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Self Defense & Security

In the Self Defense and Security category you'll find suppliers of quality martial arts weapons, home alarms, spy gear, hidden safes, and sporting goods from all over the world. Quality wholesale swords, stun guns, and more.



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Self Defense & Security
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Secret Safes
Secret Safes
Secret Safes
Welcome to Secret Safes, the magnetic safety storage system. Our sturdy boxes allows you to safely conceal personal items and valuables on any metal surface including, but not limited to the underside of your vehicle or hidden spots in your home.
Date: 9-8-2017| Rating: 9
Safety Technology
Safety Technology
Safety Technology
Sell Stun Guns - Pepper Sprays - Self Defense Products - We are a Drop ship wholesaler of stun guns, pepper sprays, personal alarms, self defense products, hidden cameras, spy equipment and surveillance systems
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating: 9
Master Cutlery Inc
Master Cutlery
Master Cutlery
Master Cutlery, Inc. has always been a pioneer in the knife industry in product development. We have the newest and hottest products in the entire industry...
Date: 8-18-2008| Rating: 1
Streetwise Security Products
Buy direct from the largest manufacturer & wholesaler of STUN GUNS. Over 40 models up to 10,000,000. Also 23 Pepper Spray, Alarms and Spy Cameras. In business for 23 years with A+ BBB Rating. We can ship direct to you or Drop Ship!
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating: 1
You'll also find a large inventory of quality martial arts weapons, home and personal alarms, hidden safes, spy gear, and even fun sporting goods such as slingshots and blowguns for sale.
Date: 3-12-2008| Rating: 1
Jaguar Imports
Wholesale Stun Gun, Self defense,stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers, knives, swords and crossbows.
Date: 3-4-2008| Rating:
Brass Knuckles Company
The Brass Knuckles Co. is your source for the widest selection and lowest prices on Brass Knuckles, Chrome Knuckles, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and many more weapons!
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Military Outdoor Clothing
We wholesale military surplus from various countries.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Wholesale Self Defense
Wholesale knives, self defense products, and more.
Date: 1-11-2009| Rating:
Self Defense Supply
Let Us Meet All Your Wholesale Self Defense, Security, Airgun, Sporting Good needs we carry - Solar flashlights, SAP gloves, and Crimehalter pepper spray - all this and more can be found at Self Defense Supply
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Turkey Creek Trading Company
We are one of the largest companies in the USA. We been in business over 20 Years. Importer of all kinds of Knives, Daggers, Swords, Martial Art equipments, Airsoft Guns and much more.
Date: 4-22-2010| Rating:
SureFire LLC
SureFire LLC, manufacturer of the world's finest illumination tools, is dedicated to the success of retailers who have the ability to appropriately display and communicate the benefits of SureFire products in a way that adds value to our brand. Think you've got what it takes to be a SureFire Dealer?
Date: 3-1-2010| Rating:
RNK Direct Sales
Automatic knives sold wholesale with switchblade knives for gun and knife shows, flea markets, swap meets.We carry butterfly knives, throwing knives, sap gloves, pepper spray and handcuffs. Survival knife and bowie knife for hunting or fishing outdoors.
Date: 7-18-2012| Rating:
Unique Marketing Inc.
For over 20 years, Unique Marketing Distributors has been known as a customer service comany. Please shop on our website to find all your retail supplies at discounted prices and our courteous staff will help keep your business profitable.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Hollon Safe
Manufacture of safes. Drop ship program for all models of safes including depository safes, gun safes, home safes, and commercial safes.
Date: 5-24-2010| Rating:
3L-INTL is an importer and wholesale distributor for all your airsoft, paintball and tactical gear supplies. We carry tactical gear - tactical vests, holsters, rifle bags and other gun cases. We also carry airsoft guns - airsoft pistols, airsoft rifles, airsoft shotguns, target, airsoft pellets or BBs and more accessories.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Anti-Theft Retail Store Security Equipment, Shoplifting Loss Prevention, Security Tags - we buy and sell new and used retail store security tags, sensor tag detachers, checkpoint security systems, sensormatic tags for loss prevention shoplifting.
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Knives 4 Wholesale
A Wholesale Distributor Of Airsoft Guns, Switchblades, Italian Stilettos, Automatic Knives, Brass Knuckles, Stun Guns, Spring Assisted Knives, Butterfly Knives, Pepper Spray, Diversion Safes, Swords, Martial Arts, Cane Swords. Call 877 556-4837 or visit our website today!
Date: 12-29-2007| Rating:
Land Air Sea
Land Air Sea
Mobility Captured with the SilverCloud. Offering the best technology to securely manage your vehicle or fleet.
Date: 2-16-2012| Rating: 1
The Next Success
The Next Success Corp. (TNS) is an international company focused on developing and marketing unique and innovative products for consumer and corporate customer markets.
Date: 3-25-2010| Rating:

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