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Cactus Scratcher
Satisy Your Itch!

Cactus Scratcher

The Cactus Scratcher

Unsatisfied with hard to use back scratchers? Cactus Scratcher is all you will need. The idea came to inventor Jedd Olsen in a dream.He pictured himself rubbing up against a prickly pear cactus to relieve his itchy hard-to-reach places on his back. Korey Farr joined Jedd as the COO of the company and thus the Cactus Scratcher was born!

Your customers will be drawn to the colorful unusual look. The Cactus Scratcher comes with two sides: moderate – for normal itchiness, and aggressive – for when a rub is not enough! Cactus Scratchers make great gifts or novelty items. A great sell for any C-Store, Gift, Novelty Shop – in fact any store where itchy customers could be found!


Cactus Scratcher

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Sahara Smoke
We know hookahs!

Zambookah Bamboo Hookah Coal


From Sahara Smoke

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth – surging skyward nearly a meter a day, it needs only sunshine and water to flourish, making it an ecological wonder and a sustainable resource.

Zambookah Bamboo Coal is all natural and designed for specially for use with hookahs and the Vortex bowl. Five centimeters in diameter, it burns cleanly and consistently without any harsh chemicals and it lasts three times longer than other shisha coals – so you only need one per session (instead of 2 or 3!). It is the perfect hookah coal.

Available from Sahara Smoke.


Sahara Smoke

Phone: 866-208-1339

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The Cappy
“Fizz” in…Bees and bad stuff out!

The Cappy

The Cappy

Canned drinks are wonderful – you put them on ice in your cooler, head outdoors with family and friends, pop one open and enjoy. After a few minutes of play, you come back to a drink with bees in it, spilled by accident or having lost its fizz… The Cappy Beverage Can Closer & Opener prevents all of those things.

Sporting goods stores, convenience stores, bait shops, dollar stores and other venues will find The Cappy is a fast seller. At the GMDC Tradeshow Showcase – The Cappy was ranked #3 out of over 300 national and international products.

Easy to use, dishwasher safe, keychain ready and Made in the USA.


The Cappy

Provider of premium everyday accessories

cFold Tote Bag

Your customers will love our stylish cFold bag. Perfect for weekend getaways, the million items needed to take kids anywhere, daily stops at the gym – this bag does it all.

Water–resistant, durable, machine washable, expands from a flat 8″ x 6.5″ to a generous 16″ x 20″ x 7″ size bag, with a sleeve that fits over your rolling luggage – everyone will want one for themselves and more as a perfect gift for friends and relatives. Your choice of 4 patterns.

Click here to find out more!

cFold tote bag

RuMe cFold Bag

Unrooted Air Plants
Air Plant Terrariums Are The Newest Retail Trend.

Unrooted Air Plants


Are you looking for a unique, chic,Unrooted Air Plants and modern product to sell? Catch the latest trend with Air Plant Terrariums. Purchase A Turnkey, Start–Up Package and Start Selling!

With a large customer base, Air PLants are easy to display and the designs are limitless. Find a style to fit any customer.

A low start up cost with a high markup means you have a great high selling potential with year around profits and a generous return on your investment.

Apply for a wholesale account to get started with your Turnkey, Starter– Package

Click Here To Apply.


Secret Safes
Magnetic Personal Property Protection

Secret Safes

Secret Safes
Manufactured in the United States, Secret Safes has developed a high quality magnetic personal property protection box that safely conceals personal items and valuables on any metal surface including, but not limited to the underside of your vehicle or hidden spots in your home.

Secret Safes come in 5 different sizes based on your needs. The exterior container box is water proof and airtight once properly closed and latched due to a vapor seal system created with a rubber O–ring in the lid. Extremely strong magnets are bolted to each container to create a completely secure method of concealing your valuables. An additional feature on some models allows the use of a lock to prevent unwanted access to the contents of your Secret Safe. Secret Safes are your solution to security on the road or in your home by utilizing cutting edge technology.

The inside is padded with soft rubberized foam to protect your valuables while in transit. Secret Safes can hold many items like; spare keys, some extra cash, passports, jewelry or fine stones, art and more. These sizes and many larger ones are available without magnets for protecting laptops, MP3's, digital cameras, cell phones, or anything else you wish to keep vapor protected. Whatever it is that’s important to you, keep it secure with a Secret Safe.

Users voice their praise for Secret Safe's quality and usefulness

"I was concerned about the security of a wall safe after watching a program about cat burglars, so instead I bought a Secret Safe for my valuables. Now I can sleep with peace of mind knowing no burglar is going to unscrew my heating vents looking for my black box."
– Josephine from Florida

"Traveling in America made me nervous, but my Secret Safe protected my passport, cash and keys while I was enjoying the nightlife of New York City."
–Ben from Australia

"When I bought my Secret Safe I wanted to test out just how water tight it was so I filled it with water sensitive things like envelopes, rolling papers, and a couple other items. I drove my jeep through creeks, hit the big mud holes, and even submerged it our beer cooler overnight. Much to my amazement the contents remained dry throughout and I have been using it ever since."
–Johnny from Alabama


Secret Safes

Phone: 931-231-5162Visit us at

Canna Relief

World's First Cannabis Antidote

  • Helps cannabis users manage and control their high
  • Uses a patent-pending scientifically proven formula
  • A must-have product for beginners and new users of cannabis
  • Uses 100% industrial Hemp derived CBD imported from Germany
  • Quickly and effectively relieves anxiety and sickness from cannabis overuse
  • Legal to sell in all 50 states and beyond just like popular Hemp lotions and drinks

CannaRelief Great for Smoke Shops and Convenience Stores.


Contact Us:


Essential Vaaapp
The Next Generation Vaporizer

Essential Vape

Essential VapeHerbal Technologies LLC has developed a new patented vaporizer, Essential VAAAPP, which is being touted for its quality, durability and portability.
Essential Vaaapp has reviewers raving!

Danny Danko in the January 2010 issue of
High Times says:
"The best vape we have seen for vaping concentrates, BAR NONE.", "The hits are smooth and tasty everytime!" and "The true benefit of the EV100 is its ability to properly vaporize."

HeadQuest Magazine writes:
"Essential Herbal Technologies LLC, maker of the “Essential VAAAPP” EV100; hand held portable vaporizer, is a new engineering and design based manufacturing company. They are agressively developing products for the burgeoning herbal/vibrational healing revolution. Their first product, the EV100, is a very basic vaporizing tool operated with a lighter. It is virtually indestructible and will become a device that all vapor enthuisiasts will want to have in their tool kits. It is the only vaporizer on the market having a disposable reaction chamber. This patented mechanism allows for the convenient vaporization of all oils and concentrates. There is a spectrum of twelve colors to choose from and it comes in a custom carrying case."


Herbal Technologies LLC

Toll-Free: 866-OIL VAAP (645-8227)

Visit us on our GetThatWholesale Expanded Listing page

World Class Hookahs


shishavacWaterpipes have been in use for almost a thousand years. Now often called Shisha or Narghile, the hookah is undergoing a re–emergence truly unique in its long history. However, as the hookah's popularity grows, the industry has grown stagnant.

The mission of our company is to industrialize the refinement of this custom of waterpipe pleasure. We are creating world-class products that increase the pleasure and hygiene of Shisha with intentions to minimize its harm and heighten quality on all levels.

Your smoking enthusiast customers will gain renewed pleasure of satisfaction by using their Shishavac in conjunction with their waterpipe. Contact us to find out more about becoming a Shishavac vendor.


Telephone: 1.855.SHISHAVAC

Otto Step
Makes Dog Travel Easy!

Otto Step

With Otto Step, your dog can now step easily into the back – no more picking up hind legs! Think of Otto Step as preventative medicine for your companion. It helps prevent injuries caused by jumping down from a high SUVs, vans, station wagons and trucks.

More than pet stores can benefit by carrying Otto Step products, Sporting Good stores, Department stores, and Gift Shops will find their customers purchasing Otto Step for their dogs.

Product Review:
"I received my Otto Step and was very impressed with its quality, this thing is built to last. Took me less than a minute to install the step into my hitch receiver, it literally slides right in. My oldest dog is about 16 years old, jumping up into a truck is not really the best exercise for her anymore. The Otto Step worked just as described, after the initial sniffing my dog took a step and then another right into the back of my truck. Yup, it was that easy. Coming out was the same simple process. I would recommend this to my friends and family so of course I am happy to recommend to others. Really great product, wish I had thought of it.&#34 Rob – Bethel, CT


Otto Step

Phone: 541-730-6250 / 888-311-6886

The Tuggo Dog Toy
Promote Exercise – Build Muscle with this One–Of–Kind Dog Toy

The Tuggo

The Tuggo – A new one of a kind dog toy your pet will never tire playing with – by themselves or with their pals! The design is a hard hollow plastic ball with a rope going through it. A recessed cap on the ball allows it to be filled adding extra weight, rolling and sound effects your pup is sure to enjoy. Your choice of red, blue or green ball with a 4 foot rope. Hours of fun and exercise for your pets!

The Tuggo – Tug–O–War Dog Toy

Retailers: This is not your ordinary dog toy. Customers will love the unique colorful design. Many dog lovers have more than one dog, the Tuggo is designed for 2 or more dogs tug-of-war fun! Pet stores, tourist gift shops, sporting goods stores – many different types of outlets will find The Tuggo a great income generator.


Tuggo Dog Toy
Phone: 615-601-1528

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