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Twisted Board Dry Erase Board
Three Dimensional Dry Erase Boards

Twisted Board Dry Erase Board

Twisted Boards

Fun and innovative, Twisted Boards, the three Twisted Board Dry Erase Board Funny Facesdimensional dry erase boards, will be a quick seller for back-to-school and office supply / home decor stores. The life sized face is easy to decorate and easy to clean. Kids will love drawing faces on Twisted Boards. It will be a hit in the dorm! And its a great way to have fun at the office while being able to leave messages.

Made with high density, rigid plastic that is difficult to damage, each Twisted Board comes with a high quality black dry erase marker that has an adhesive backed clip for easy storage, a 100% cotton flannel eraser wipe that is also washable and adhesive-backed Velcro mounting tape for ease of display.

Twisted Boards are made in America. We offer wholesale pricing with drop-ship integration capabilities for retailers.


Twisted Board – 3D Dry Erase Boards

Compression Arm Sleeves

Usa World Cup Soccer Sleef


Athletes and recreation enthusiasts around the world know the benefits for wearing compression arm sleeves. Sleefs compression arm sleeves are made of tough Non–Woven Antibacterial 80% Polyester 20% Spandex material, yet have a second–skin feel.

Sleefs come in a wide variety styles. They are the most comfortable compression arm sleeves available in the industry. SLEEFS are manufactured with a seamless design and ergonomic fit which improves blood circulation for maximum performance.

The sleeves resist ripping and tearing and can be used in all weather conditions. Great seller for sports and recreation retailers.



Phone: Toll-Free: (844) 4SLEEFS

Smart Phone Accessories – Taking A Cool Selfies Was Never Easier!

Cellfy Smart Phone Accessory


Cellfy – Innovative lines of hands free smart phone accessories. We offer unique self photo / video taking phone accessories for vertical surfaces for any smartphone with a built in camera feature and timer function. Cellfy products are not made for just one type or style of phone, they are adaptive to the growing numbers of models through their unique creative design. With Cellfy products, you can set up your smartphone on just about any surface – from a pole, to your head, from your wrist to an adjustable area on a table top. Being in your own photos and videos has never been easier. All Cellfy products are Made in the USA, they come in a variety of colors with a variety of mounts. Great for all kinds of retailers – from those that carry phone accessories to gift shops and c–stores as a last minute must–have item.



Cellfy Contact Us Page

Sip N Oodle
Pull it – Pour it – Plug it – Sip it!

The Sip N Oodle

The Sip–N–Oodle

Do you love being in the water but have no place to put your drink? Sip–N–Oodle is the pool noodle you can drink from!

Sip–N–Oodle's revolutionary design allows you to pour any you like – even frozen drinks – in a flexible, plastic tube that sits in the center of a foam pool noodle. Our patent pending designed silicone bite valve allows yo u to drink from the Sip–N–Oodle without using your hands.

Sip–N–Oodle is a must for any beach or resort gift shop. Your customer's will love the convenience, ease and novelty of using the Sip–N–Oodle.





Quik Camo
Quality Hunting Facemasks

Mossy Oak


Our facemasks use natural elements in their camouflage patterns, dirt, leaves, barks and limbs along with their natural colors to blend in perfectly with their natural surroundings.

Available from these fine manufacturers:
Mossy Oak | RealTree | Mothwing | King's | Matthews | CamoWest.

Mossy OakQuikCamo masks utilize digital technology to exactly reproduce the details and subtleties of actual tree limbs laid over the neutral tones most commonly seen when looking up through bare trees.

All Quik Camo Facemasks come with scent bandit anti-microbial technology destroys bacteria that causes odor, while the scent–reduction technology works to keep your scent contained. The quick–drying, moisture–wicking fabric breathes to keep you cool during warm–weather hunts, and the hat breaks up the outline of your face without impairing your hearing or blocking your sight. Facemasks are compatible with eyewear and protect against harmful UV rays. One size fits most.


Phone: 208-720-2088

Electronic Cigarette Distributor, E–Cig Wholesale, and E–Cigarette Retailer



ProSmoke has made a name for themselves as the top choice among consumer review sites in the electronic cigarettes industry. Customers wrote in on many sites praising the amount of vapor and battery life when compared to all other e-cigs. The ProSmoke Starter Kit comes with samples from a variety of flavors including Apple, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Menthal, Tobacco, and Vanilla. Easy to sell, especially when consumers realize they are cheaper than paying for actual cigarettes.

Consumers are now becoming more aware and choosy who they do business with. ProSmoke uses a vegetable based liquid instead of a synthetic chemical compound. Also, ProSmoke is based, owned and fully operated in the United States.

ProSmoke Wholesale Information

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Fusion Pets
Fusion Pet's goal is all about saving lives. Their safety harnesses are being used by the military, police, and search and rescue teams around the world.

FusionPets Thera–Pro


The Thera–Pro Harness is a therapy grade life jacket created to aid therapists in assisting with water therapy. Water is naturally buoyant which allows for a non–impact exercise to stretch muscles and increase muscle tone. All this encourages faster healing, and dogs love it. Swimming is an ideal exercise with dogs recovering from surgery or with limited mobility and this harness can provide the extra support your dog needs while in the water. This harness is not only good for the dog but the trainer too. This harness takes away the heavy lifting by putting most of the work on the harness to where the trainer will just have to assist. Fusion Pet products are a must–have for dogs in rehabilitation.

Thera–Pro Product Information

  • Part # VH–202 Weights 1.45lbs/23oz
  • Made with EVA foam inside, neon and black nylon on the outside with duel reflective strips to increase visibility
  • Controllable mobile foam inserts that are completely customizable
  • Heavy duty top handle to ensure easy lift-outs of the water
  • Fully adjustable chest piece that can be removed also with mobile foam inserts, that are fully customizable
  • Chest piece also comes with 2 quick release plastic snap buckles for quick release and 1 D-ring for leash or dog tag connection
  • This harness comes in three different sizes medium, large and x-large and in different colors
  • Machine Washable – U.S.A. made product

Fusion Pets
Phone: 909-393-9450
Fax: 909-606-6834
Contact Us Form
Address: 4195 Chino Hill Pkwy Ste #630
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Lilly Brush
Lilly Brush – Your New BFF "Be Forever Furless"

Lilly Brush

Lilly Brush

Pills on cotton, wool, and cashmere send our favorite sweaters to an early grave – but now we can end this carnage with Lilly Brush. Equal parts scientific, fashion, and emotional breakthrough, Lilly Brush is like a magic wand with nylon bristles. Try it for yourself – then take that beloved sweater out of the donation pile and put it back where it belongs – on your fully–delighted self.

Lilly Brush is a fabric pill removal brush that restores and rejuvenates natural fiber clothing while doubling as a static-fighting pet hair and lint remover for all clothing and upholstery. Designed with a compact houndstooth carrying cover, Lilly Brush is sleek and fits in a purse or jacket. Made to last for years, Lilly Brush is an eco–friendly solution to sticky rollers and sweater shavers – requiring no refills or batteries ever!

Lilly Brush works on all natural fibers including cotton, cashmere, wool, hemp, angora and alpaca. The specially designed nylon bristles will not snag or make holes on even the most delicate knits. For washable fabrics, Lilly Brush can be dampened before use to eliminate static.

Just apply moderate pressure while sweeping Lilly Brush across your garment in any direction to make short work of pills, pet hair, lint and light soil. To clean Lilly Brush, simply wash with light soap, rinse, and tap briskly to remove excess water. Lilly Brush won't disappoint as a quick alternative to those sticky roller and lint brushes you love to hate!

The Facts:

  • »Portable Pill, Lint, and Pet Hair Remover
  • »Gently removes pills from all 100% natural fiber knits (cashmere, wool, cotton, angora, hemp, etc.)
  • »Removes pet hair & lint from all types of clothing and upholstery
  • »Sleek and portable design perfect for purse, car or work
  • »NOT effective as a pill remover on artificial fibers (acrylic, polyester, nylon, etc.)

Lilly Brush


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Don't Shake It
Keep Your Gifts A Surprise!

Don't Shake It!

Keep your gifts a surprise with Don't Shake It!. You can record any sound you like, from pre–recorded sounds to any message or sound effect you can make. Download our phone app to record your message or sound from your own phone. Then drop the Don't Shake It card right into the gift box. If someone shakes the box, Don’t Shake It will be activated giving your gift snooper a big surprise!

keep your gifts a surprise with Don't Shake It

Fantastic gift store item or novelty store item. Buy in volume and get a discount.

Don't Shake It

Address: Infilutions, Inc.
Attention: Don’t Shake It!
3612 W 88 St, Suite 411
Minneapolis, MN 55431

Pipe Padz
Protect Your Glass

Pipe Padz


PUT AN END TO CHIPPED AND BROKEN GLASS! New PipePadz adhesive coasters provide long lasting stylish water pipe and hookah protection that can be removed and reused again and again! Our reusable adhesive coasters were created to help end the damage caused to water pipes by hard surfaces and heavy hands.

Confidently place your piece on any surface you choose and add some stylish protection to your glass collection. The combination of shock absorbing rubber and specialty washable adhesive make PipePadz a one of a kind water pipe protection accessory that you can't be without.


Pipe Padz

Pipe Padz Contact Us page

Phone: 888-579-4543

High Voltage

High Voltage Detox Permanent Flush

High Voltage Detox

Permanent Flush & 32oz Detox Drink

High Voltage Detox has an excellent reputation for providing convenient and delicious detoxification products that provides key nutrients and herbs to remove toxins from the body. By listening to their customer base, High Voltage Detox has been able to adapt to their customer#&39;s needs. This has created a growth rate of over 200% per year! Adding to its already popular product line, the company has launched the highly demanded 32– oz. liquid – which is a doubled 16 oz. liquid product – and an extremely potent Permanent Cleanse product – the 5 day flush that contains 2–16oz. liquids and 5 sets of capsules.

Both products are generated with a premium formula that contains a blend of B–Vitamins, Creatinie and numerous nutrients and herbal extracts that are combined to remove unwanted toxins and pollutants from your urinary tract. The High Voltage Detox formula will effectively remove all UNWANTED TOXINS and guarantees a 3 Year Shelf Life on ALL products.


High Voltage Detox

Address: 3915 W. Hacienda Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89118

Phone: 800-568-2595

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