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Hot Box Vapors
Best online vaporizer offers around!

Hot Box Vapors

GetThatWholesale Exclusive Review

The Hot Box is a multi-use vaporizer perfect for your home vaporizing and aromatherapy needs.Hot box vapors It's easy to use and a healthy alternative for smokers, because the Hot Box doesn't produce smoke, just a soothing, carcinogen–free vapor.

Available in a variety of colors and designs to suit anyone's tastes, the Hot Box makes a great conversation piece. It sets up in minutes and cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. Just flip the switch and it quickly heats to 374 degrees. It's solidly built and reliable, with a 5 year warranty.

The Hot Box is affordable, and highly recommended to those who want to try the vaporizing experience without breaking their budget. With an additional attachment you can use natural oils to enjoy the psychological and physical benefits of aromatherapy.

My roommates and I have used any number of devices over the years to enjoy our smoking products. Since I brought home the Hot Box it's all we've used. It's economical and efficient – we use less product than we did when we were smoking. It's also much healthier, because the smoke is gone. I'd always wanted to try a vaporizer and I'm glad I did. In the long run I have a feeling the Hot Box is going to pay for itself, both monetarily and health–wise.

I've done a lot of reviews over the years for and this might be my favorite product yet. Check them out at You won't be disappointed.


Hot Box

Hot Box Contact Us page

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1011 Brioso Dr., #104
Costa Mesa, CA 92827

Phone: 949-515-9622


Ring Stix
The Coolest 21st Century Outdoor Game


RingStix Outdoor Game From the review at

Did you ever wonder why some games come and go, and other games last a lifetime? -Could this be the next Frisbee? Welcome RingStix.

Played alone or with friends using 2 curved, (very sword-like) 25 inch sticks and a 5 inch ring. The player, placing a stick in each hand and the ring over both sticks crossed at the center, players simply open their arms wide (and quickly) in order to propel the spinning ring toward the other player. That other player then uses the point of one or both of the sticks to catch the flying ring and sends it back again in the same manner. The faster and harder a player flares the sticks, the farther the ring will fly, sometimes up to 50 yards, even in strong winds.What is it that takes an old classic like the Frisbee and turns it into a toy that everyone knows, and everyone still plays.

The makers of RingStix say that "This new and unique sport offers an entertaining new form of exercise, improves agility and hand–eye coordination, and gets kids and adults off the couch and away from sedentary technologies like computers, TV and video games."

RingStix Overview

  • Fun outdoor game
  • Takes 2 to 5 minutes to learn
  • Recommended age 10 to 100
  • A great game to get outside
  • Have fun wherever you are
  • Newest ring tossing and outdoor game
  • Looks cool and enjoyed by many
  • Works well in the wind
  • Can be played anywhere


System-Enterprises LLC.
Clearwater, FL 33767
Fax: 888-604-010
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Scribble Band
The New Floppy Face of Writing


Scribbleband is the innovative, new wristband you can write on! It helps you keep track of important stuff like phone numbers, special dates and homework assignments – things you might ordinarily write on your hand, your arm or a note that often gets lost.

ScribblebandJust write directly on this cool wristband – then wipe it off later – and write a new note – it's that easy!

We want this patented new colorful wristband to help you! The Scribbleband is truly the only band of its kind!

  • This wristband serves a unique genuine purpose in the popular "Band" market
  • Eye catching, bright, vibrant colors
  • Non–toxic, safe rubber wristband (each wristband color is certifiably tested)
  • Very affordable
  • This is an innovative, new wristband!
  • Retail friendly packaging
  • This new wristband is becoming popular very quickly!
  • This is the ideal wristband for kids – or adults

Scribbleband is NOT a high dollar item, yet we are confident it will be high in popularity and sales volume! And more volume means more customers for you! With increasing popularity and positive feedback, we have been encouraged to expand!


Contact Us

The Next Generation of Office Imaging Machines

Ortery Photosimile 5000

Photosimile 5000:
The World's First Office Photography Machine

Imagine walking up to this new office device, placing an object inside, and seconds later walking away with a professional photo (or animation) for immediate use in all print, web and email communications. Taking its name from &#quot;facsimile&#quot;, Photosimile 5000 is the next generation imaging device for the office.

Everything is software–driven. Users simply click their mouse to control all camera and studio settings. The result is fully automated, precise image capture and efficient image processing.
Watch Photosimile 5000 in Action
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Ortery Photosimilie 5000
Click on Photo to See Real Examples

Ortery – Inventor of the Office Photo Machine

Address: 33 Hammond Dr. Ste. 211 Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: 949-859-5580

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Pipe Friendlty Tape Measure
Great for measuring pipes, conduit and more!

Pipe Friendly Tape Measure

Pipe Friendly Tape MeasureThe Pipe Friendly™ Tape Measure features a patented endpiece with a built–in J–shaped hook. The J–shaped hook drastically improves the ability of the tape measure to hook its blade onto the edge of a thin object.

  • Easy one–person pipe measuring
  • Non–slip end hook
  • Sturdy case
  • Three stop buttons

Quick seller for convenience stores, hardware stores, flea markets and much more. Contact Us Today!


The Pipe Friendly™ Tape Measure

Telephone: 315-272-7623
Address: 113 Clarion Drive
Whitesboro, New York 13492


Blu Cigs
More Choice Equals Greater Freedom

blu Cigs

GetThatWholesale´s Exclusive Review

blu Cigs e-cigs
Our GTW review team eagerly awaited the arrival of our new blu CIGS Starter pack. Upon arrival it was quickly snatched up and our review process began.

We first noticed the neat and professional packaging of our starter kit, a very stylish black box displaying the blu CIGS logo. Retailers have no fear these beauties will get noticed. Upon opening our kit we revealed 1 blu pack, 2 batteries, 1 wall charger, 1 usb charger and one flavored variety pack consisting of classic tobacco, cherry crush, magnificent menthol and java jolt. I was immediately interested in the java jolt, I love my coffee so this sounded made to order. If you are unfamiliar with blu CIGS they have also gone to the trouble of including instructions for your pack although everything inside is very easy to use. Prior to starting my review of this product I decided to listen to the recent interview Jason Healy President of blu CIGS did with our very own Wholesale.FM, a great interview that got me interested in vaping right away. I must say I was not disappointed, right from the start I was experiencing full flavored puffs that can only be described as perfectly smooth. Your not burning tobacco with these so there is no harshness against the back of your throat. It was quite refreshing and they hit the mark squarely on the head, delicious java !! When my battery ran low I was made aware by a blinking indicator. Iblu Cigs e-cigs then just simply placed it into the pack for charging. Since you receive 2 batteries with this pack I had another on hand which made things quite convenient. Next I tried the classic tobacco, once again no complaints and I was pleasantly surprised that even the standard was refreshing. Did I mention blu CIGS has launched their long awaited Smart Pack. These packs can notify users that they are within 50 feet of other blu CIG connoisseurs, blu Bars and more……truly an industry changer. These are a must have for retailers.!


Blu Cigs
Telephone: 1-888-207-4588

All Green Lip Balm
The Perfect Prescription For Your Lips

Allgreen Lip Balms

GetThatWholesale´s Exclusive Review

Allgreen Lip Balms
Allgreen lip balms with hemp seed oils are a great, all–natural solution to help relieve dried and chapped lips. I've been carrying these around with me for about a week. My buddies love the cool hemp leaf packaging. I'm just happy with the job they do on my lips – with vitamin E and organic, natural ingredients like cocoa butter and coconut oil they're moisturized and protected from the elements.

You can choose from any of six different flavors. So far my favorites are Cali Orange and Sour Diesel, but I'm really looking forward to checking out the Granddaddy Purp.

I can see why retailers would be interested in carrying these, they are unique fast sellers that will bring ongoing profits.


All Green Lip Balm
All Green on Facebook
Phone: 909-945-2930


The Smoker's Swiss Army Knife


GTW Review

The Kasher is an ingenious little device and also, as it turns out, a conversation starter.

I brought my Kasher with me on a camping trip this past weekend. We were sitting at a picnic table, having a smoke. “Nice lighter cover,&#quot; my buddy said, picking up my Kasher adorned Bic.

“It’s not just a lighter cover. It’s actually a pretty neat little tool.” I showed him how the Kasher slid down so the end extended from the base of the lighter. “You can use it to clean or pack a pipe. You could probably use it as a mini screwdriver in a pinch.” We spent another ten minutes or so coming up with new uses for the Kasher. We both had blue lighters, so being able to tell them apart was at the top of our list.

The Kasher adds no significant bulk or weight but fits perfectly on your Bic lighter. You can find the Kasher online at






Fax: 503–336–0936


EZ Pass Holders Tonic Concepts
EZ Pass Holders That Are Both Functional And Fashionable

EZ Pass Holders

Your car’s nice but your toll tag is not. Some people scramble to find the tag in the cup holder or glove compartment as they approach the toll booth, others simply put the tag behind the rear-view mirror. The truth is, the unattractive white tag is STILL VISIBLE from the outside. Tonic Concepts has designed an EZ Pass Holder for you to proudly display your tag on the windshield or camouflage it with the dashboard. Unlike the plastic holders and stickers out there, their high quality cases come with black 3M Velcro and a custom-made non-slip pad to secure the case. Used alone, the non slip pad can hold phones, keys, and sunglasses.

The tag can be customized to add your organization and company logos on the front and back.


Tonic Concepts

Telephone: 864-617-4018




Hot Vapes
State Of The Art Vape Technology

Hot Vapes

Hot VapesHV personal vaporizers, popularly called electronic cigarettes or e–cigs, are a great alternative to smoking. Rather than burning tobacco they atomize a liquid, contain no tar or carbon monoxide and can be enjoyed in many places smoking is prohibited. Our liquids & cartridges come in many tasty flavors, with or without nicotine.

HV has been serving the needs of retailers and distributors since our inception. If you are a business interested in opening a wholesale account, or a distributor interested in stocking HotVapes personal vaporizers, cartridges, liquid flavors or accessories, please contact us at 773-719-3718 or via email. Please have your business Tax ID number available when calling to set up an account.

Your customers will love our Personal Vaporizers. In addition to our extremely portable HardBox, HV now offers the Torpedo, a kit that features two 8–hour 650mAh batteries, with blue LED rings, in your choice of black or titanium. Our atomizers can be purchased singly or at a discount in 5#8211;packs. They are high-quality and designed to last. For more information on all our products, visit us at Thanks and happy vaping!


Hot Vapes

Phone: 773-719-3718




Smoke Buddy
Keep Your Smoke To Yourself

Smoke Buddy

Smoke BuddyThe newest hot item in the smoking products world is
Smoke Buddy – Personal Air Filter. It is a easy to use method of keeping second hand smoke and odor away from friends, family and neighbors. Your customers will appreciate Smoke Buddy's convenient compact size – making easy to use in the car, home, office, while traveling or at social events where smoking would otherwise be a problem. High quality and long lasting, Smoke Buddy comes in a variety of colors. Contact us today to order Smoke Buddy for your smoke shop or convenience store!


Smoke Buddy

Phone: (818) 762-6061


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