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Snack Time Media is widely known for their great catalog of wholesale DVDs and CDs. They offer bulk sale discounts on classic and collectible DVDs from Studio Releases to Budget Films. Their wholesale collection of music CDs include: country, holiday, jazz, reggae, easy listening and more.

Eric Bordin, owner of Snack Time Media, offers his expert opinion on the Wholesale DVDs and CDs industry.

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  1. GetThatWholesale: Could you give a brief sketch of your background and industry experience?

    Eric Bordin: We have more than 40 years of experience in the music and movie industry. We have had our own business for 8 years and before that
    worked in retail. We worked both on the store side and the executive side so we know exactly where our customers are coming from.

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  3. GTW: Your site has an amazing variety of wholesale DVDs and CDs. What
    are some of the best selling niches in each of those formats?

    EB: I have found that Major Studio DVDs and Major Label CDs are the best sellers. People seem to respond to the better titles and artists that you can find with these categories. But then again, it really depends on the customer. For people who wanna buy cheap, the budget categories work best. You can get 100 DVDs for $99. For $.99 a piece it’s well worth the try.

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  5. GTW: The bulk cases and combo mixes you offer look like a good way for a
    reseller to stock their shelves. Would you describe one of these to give retailers an idea of what they can expect to get and to pay?

    EB: Basically the assortments work well for both of us. It allows us to just pick from our best selling titles, instead of going aisle to aisle picking titles. And for the reseller it gives them a great assortment of different products to appeal to their customers. They can expect to get a great assortment of product based on what they ordered for cheaper than they would otherwise get the product if they ordered them piece by piece.

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  7. GTW: If a retailer wanted to add DVDs to an existing business what factors should they consider when making their selections?

    EB: They should think of what their customer base is. If you’re in the midwest, most likely you are not going to be ordering Urban DVDs. It really is all about your customer base and what the competition is. If there is no one around you, you can price things the way you want them. But if you have several other stores in the area, you are going to need to buy cheap and sell cheap. We are happy to work with
    customers in either case.

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  9. GTW: Are there particular types of retail businesses that you believe do
    particularly well with either DVDs or CDs?

    EB: I have found that everyone can do well with this product. We have sold to car washes, jewelry stores, Italian Restaurants and so many other places. It really is up to the customer if they want to take a chance. The assortments provide a great opportunity for any type of business to try out the product. If it works-great! If not, what’s the most you lose? $79?

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  11. GTW: In your opinion how good are the sells for movies in the Blu-Ray format? Should retailers be pilingon or is Blu-Ray falling short of expectations?

    EB: I honestly don’t carry any Blu-Ray. I don’t sell new releases and the call for classic movies in Blu-Ray is very slight.

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  13. GTW: Is there was one piece of advice you’d like to give perspective DVD
    or CD retailers?

    EB: Don’t be afraid to get into this business. It’s not as dead as people think. There is a great opportunity to make money. If you don’t wanna carry the product, then you can use a dropship program. That allows you to sell things without ever touching a piece. Great way to start.

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