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Cool Jewels by Phillips International is a value oriented, fashion driven company. Their frequent travels to cities like Paris, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Milan, help them to bring you a wide selection of wholesale fashion jewelry and current trends ( including mood jewelry , wholesale shell jewelry, wholesale horse jewelry, best friends jewelry and now the hottest trend: wholesale rubber band bracelets!) New designs arrive daily from around the globe.

David Kirsch , National Account Representative of Cool Jewels, offers his expert opinion on the Novelty Jewelry industry.

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  1. GetThatWholesale: Could you give a brief sketch of your background and industry experience?

    David Kirsch: Phillips International is a leading supplier of fashion and trendy jewelry, under the trade name Cool Jewels. From our humble beginning in March 1977, we have strived to provide excellent value in trend and fashion jewelry with prompt and courteous service in a straightforward manner. For the past 33 years, we have strived to build win - win relationships with our customers, by offering a quality product, and standing behind it with the highest level of customer service and support in the industry.

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  3. GTW: Many of your products seem to be inexpensive, hip jewelry aimed at teens and young adults. Is there a good market in this niche?

    DK: We've found our products to be recession resistant. $9.99 and under has been the magic retail price point. Consumers have been cutting back on higher ticket items, but have no problem spending a $10 bill to pick up a necklace, bracelet or hot trend in fashion accessories to dress up an old outfit. We've found our sales on items that retail for $5.99 have even increased over the most recent year

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  5. GTW: I was fascinated by your line of insect jewelry. Are those real insects inside?

    DK: Yes, they are. They are just creepy enough to grab the attention of young boys, and even GIRLS! The scorpion necklaces have been the best selling style - and the pendant even glows in the dark!

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  7. GTW: I notice that many products have a ‘retro’ feel to them, peace signs and mood jewelry for example. Could you take a shot at explaining the enduring appeal of 70s era pop art and jewelry?

    DK: When it comes to trend - it's always a guess on where / how it was launched. Sometimes all it takes is a popular actor/actress or singer to be spotted wearing a given style. The next day, we're inundated with phone calls from our customers wanting to purchase that style. Our guess is that peace signs became popular again due to the public's desire to pull our troops out of the Middle East.

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  9. GTW: What are some of your best selling jewelry niches?

    DK: Mood Jewelry has been a very successful category for us. We offer over 100 different styles in this color changing jewelry, so we pretty much have something that would fit into even the most unique shops.

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  11. GTW: If a retailer was interested in adding some youth oriented jewelry to their existing business what tips would you give them to get the best sells results?

    DK: It's all about display. If they already carry a youth jewelry program, then adding a representation of our line is easy. It's important to merchandise groups together. i.e. don't pick out a mood necklace, a rhinestone necklace, a couple sailor bracelets, etc. You need to make a decent splash with at least 10 mood necklaces, and display them all together so they look like a strong grouping. If the store has never carried jewelry before, then they MUST have a good plan on display – either a nice wall section or a floor display. Floor spinners almost always outperform any other way of display, as then enable the customer to make 4 strong groupings, and easily merchandise each group on one side of the display. Customers love to shop off these spinning displays.

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  13. GTW: What the heck is Fimo anyway?

    DK: Fimo is actually clay - so it's fun, colorful, and EARTH FRIENDLY. The pendants are made by hand, then baked in a kiln, where they harden and slightly shrink.

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