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Wholesale Home Gift Supplies offers Figurines, Oil Warmers, Christmas Supplies, Mugs, Apparels, Candles, Lanterns, Ornaments and more all at wholesale prices. Drop-shipping on every order.

George Croney of Wholesale Home Gift Supplies, offers his expert opinion on the Lawn and Garden industry.

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  1. GetThatWholesale: Could you give a brief sketch of your background and industry experience?

    George Croney: I have spent the past 7 years creating effective websites from what products to sell to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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  3. GTW: While your company offers merchandise in a number of home decor
    related niches I’d like to focus on lawn and garden supplies.

    Taken as a whole what lawn and garden items sell the best?

    GC: Statues, Birdhouses and Windchimes.

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  5. GTW: Wind chimes were hugely popular a few years ago. Is this trend holding up or is the market for them drying up?

    GC: The Wind Chime Trend is very much so still holding up. They can be decorative as well as soothing to the ears with their smooth musical tones and pitches.

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  7. GTW: I was struck by the solar powered garden lamps your company offers.
    Could you describe these and fill us in on some of the technical details?

    GC: The Solar Powered Garden Lamps (Lighting) are great for those who desire soft inexpensive lighting. Although most all Solar Lighting uses Batteries, The Solar Panels in the lamps recharge the batteries therefore extending the battery life of even the cheapest quality of batteries up to a year in most cases.

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  9. GTW: Moving away from the lawn, amongst your many niches what would you
    say were the best selling?

    GC: Candle Lanterns, They are very decorative, They are used for Weddings, Center pieces, They offer soft lighting and are always in high demand.

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  11. GTW: You carry a goodly amount of holiday and seasonal merchandise. What
    kind of lead time before a holiday do you recommend for a retailer to get the appropriate
    merchandise on the shelf?

    GC: The very best time to buy would be at least 5 to 6 months in advance and place them on the shelf 4 months prior to the event date.

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  13. GTW: If there was one niche your company offers that wish you could bring to a retailers attention what would it be and why?

    GC: We offer the BEST PRICES on the products and short delivery times. Our Customer Support and Sales teams are willing to go above and beyond from what would be considered normal. We have actually had request for items that we carry and were unfortunately Out of Stock. We searched for a compatible item with a compatible price just to satisfy our customer!

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